Romagna...between art and culture!

Cattolica is not only beach…our hinterland is a fusion between culture and romanticism.

Beach and Sun are always the best reasons to spend a great weekend in Cattolica, but we are sure that the charm of our hinterland will make you fall in love.

From Hotel Acapulco you can discover all the extraordinary beauties of Romagna in a few minutes

Rimini, made up of history, traditions, resourcefulness, culture and fun: discover the Romans culture (Ariminum) by crossing the Arch of Agustus, walking through the medieval Piazza Cavour, then crossing the Tiberius Bridge to get lost in the colorful streets of Borgo San Giuliano.

For more modern tastes, a day at Aquafan in Riccione.

For the most romantic, a visit to the Gradara Castle where Dante narrated the tragic love of Paolo e Francesca.

...Love, who to none beloved to love again
Remits, seized me with wish to please, so strong,
That, as thou seest, yet, yet it doth remain.
Love to one death conducted us along.

Continuing to Montegridolfo or Santarcangelo di Romagna, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

 ..and also San Leo which stands on one of the rocky peaks of the Marecchia Valley - for adventure lovers

Every reason is good to take a few days of relaxation and leisure savoring the warmth of the first sun, along with the visit of our hinterland:

  • Full board accommodation with packed lunch for excursions (on request)
  • Citybike Service
  • Gradara Castle Guided Tour
  • Free WI-FI 
  • Custom Excursions

 Request your itinerary among art, culture and nature to our guide at the reception or by sending a request to