Beach holidays in Cattolica for the whole family
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Tennis e Beachtennis

If you like tennis, in Cattolica you will find the Cerri Sports Club where to play and practice on very well-equipped courts, under the supervision of professional instructors.

The Cerri Tennis Center, founded in 1971, has 5 indoor courts for winter use and is open all year round; it hosts regional and national competitions and organises basic and advanced tennis courses for all ages.

It has always held major sports events: The European Cup for women under 14, nine national tournaments and the Tennis Cerri for Children.
Book your holiday in Cattolica and practice in the tennis courts of our town.


Beach tennis Cattolica

The Beach Tennis of Cattolica is a highly specialized sports facility, the only one in Cattolica with 8 regulatory fields that offers the possibility to practice all the competitive disciplines on sand, with particular attention to Beach Tennis, Beach Volley and Foot Volleyball. The structure was built inside the Aquarium of Cattolica, a stone's throw from our hotel and from the sea. The plant is equipped with the latest equipment, changing rooms with showers and night lighting. The fields are working for the summer only, which runs from April to October. Beach Tennis, the on the beach version of traditional tennis, is a sport practiced all over the world. Spectacular, fun, easy to practice .... it's sport for the whole family: adult and over 60 children.




Golf courses near Cattolica, discover the charm of an enjoyable yet challenging playing field
The golf courses near Cattolica of the rivieragolfresort were built in a charming and quiet area, nestled in the green Romagna countryside.
The course meanders along the right bank of the Conca River, a region of outstanding natural beauty with notable birdlife.

The joy of practicing golf is the philosophy that the famous designer Graham Cooke, together with architect Luigi Rota Caremoli, has translated into his design of this 6,412-metre-long course, which follows the gently rolling hills of San Giovanni in Marignano and Valconca.
Golf courses near Cattolica, the pleasure of a challenge has never been so strong.

To round off the golf courses in Romagna there are two 18-hole putting greens, the brand new pitching and chipping areas created to accentuate the three-dimensional effect so golfers can work on their deep shot, and the driving range with floodlit and heated stations.
After a thrilling match, immerse yourself in the silence of the Malatesta estate, and pamper yourself at Rivierabeauty, the exceptional wellness centre at our 4-star hotel, with its sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool pathways and a wide selection of treatments, thereby experiencing a wonderful mix of sport, relaxation and fitness.


Nordic Walking Cattolica

Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. While trekkers, backpackers and skiers had been using that basic concept decades before, the sport wasn't formally defined until the publication of "Sauvakävely" by Marko Kantaneva in 1997.

Nordic Walking's concept was developed on the basis of off-season ski-training activity. This concept included the first description of the exercise, the instructions how to do it, the anatomical and physiological reasons to do it, and the specifications of the poles needed.

Nordic walking poles are significantly shorter than those recommended for cross-country skiing. Using poles of incorrect length may add stress to the walker's knees, hips and/or back, diminishing the benefits of walking with poles. Nordic walking poles come in both one-piece, non-adjustable shaft versions, and telescoping two-piece twist-locking adjustable length versions.

Nordic walking poles feature grips with special Nordic walking straps - a kind of fingerless glove, allowing power transmission through the strap and eliminates the need to tightly grasp the pole grips.

Unlike trekking poles, Nordic walking poles come with removable rubber tips for use on hard surfaces and hardened metal tips for trails, the beach, snow and ice. Most poles are made from lightweight aluminium, carbon fiber, or composite materials.

Special walking shoes are not required. However, there are shoes being marketed as designed for the sport, but comfortable walking, running or trail running shoes work great.

Kitesurf a Cattolica

If you spend your holiday in Cattolica and you like sports, you can try one of the most modern and popular water sports: Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding. This sport was pioneered in 1999 in the Hawaii and is a surface water sport that uses the force of the wind.

To practice it, you need: a kite (not a sail) complete with control bar and flying lines, a kiteboard, a kite harness, safety equipment (impact or flotation vest, helmet, knife for cutting the lines.

Our 3-star Hotel in Cattolica is located close to the Amateur Kitesurfing Association, that organises courses over the summer period.


There are two types of corse to choose from:

A 4-hour introduction course which includes:

Theory lesson on KITE operation;
Hand-on session with a KITE on dry land with the instructor and overview of safety systems;
Hand-on session on dry land.


The WIND course lasts 6 hours and is the most advanced with more in-depth notions on kitesurfing.

Theory lesson: Overview on basic weather facts (direction and names of the winds)
Theory lesson on KITE operation
Hand-on session with a KITE on dry land with the instructor and overview of safety systems
Hand-on session on dry land.
You can pick some special vouchers from the Hotel Reception and use them at the Kitesurfing school, which is located opposite "Le Navi" park, not far from our Acapulco Hotel.

Do you like the sea and adventure? Come and learn a new sport.